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Picket fence

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Picket fence

Picket fence     Picket fence     Picket fence

Picket fence     Picket fence     Picket fence
Picket fence:
     Our products are made of aluminum pipe or galvanized steel pipe, and the surfaces are finished by electrostatic spraying with weather durable polyester powder coating. Our aluminum fence and galvanized steel fence have super corrosion resistant, high safety, beautiful and fashionable, colorful, easily assembled, convenient to transport and other features. They are widely used in municipal projects, roads, gardens, factories, villa, etc for safety and decoration. Our fences included a wide range of specifications and types for choose. With Both the European and American style and the popular fashion, they show us the nobility and modern aesthetic feeling .

Technical data:
Material Aluminum pipe 6063 or galvanized steel for industrial, the surface is finished by powder coating
Fence height(mm) 400-2400
Fence width(mm) 1200-6000
Aluminum pipe 25x25、25x38、35x35、38x38、40x40、50x50
Galvanized steel pipe 25x25、32x32、38x38、40x40、50x50
Aluminum pipe Ø19、16x16、19x19、25x25
Galvanized steel pipe 16x16、19x19、25x25
Distance between  picket(mm) 80(澳)、98(美)
Remark 1、The fence color can be customized as per request;
2、The fence can be made by drawing or sample of customers.
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